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Our ‘1 Care’ Managed Plan services are designed to help you get the most from your investment in IT.

Each ‘1 Care’ Managed Plan contract is tailored to your practices’ needs but all contracts include:

  • Clearly defined systems, SLA’s and responsibilities
  • Documentation of all systems to be supported
  • One point of contact for your team to use…one number, one email address…simple
  • Best practice professional systems for monitoring and IT Helpdesk
  • Access to all of MedStar resource and knowledge (from support to engineers)
  • A cost effective price (normally giving you a saving on your current IT Opex)

We’re National

Our dedicated business broadband is available anywhere there’s fibre, copper, or fixed cellular coverage.

Dedicated Backhaul

We’ve built our network with performance and resiliency in mind. Multiple points of presence maximises uptime and traffic routing for quicker service.

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Quite often most businesses mistake backing up data as full data protection. The ability to recover the backed up data is never tested. It is too late to test, when that service is actually required.

When a disaster strikes, insurance will cover the physical and ICT infrastructure, but it does not protect the information, which is the life force for any practice. MedStar understand the importance and confidentiality of patient files.

These are some key questions most organisations should ask…

  • How safe is your Data?
  • Is your Data Backup disaster-proof?
  • In the event of server failure, how soon are you back in action?


When we install the Backup system on your computer(s) we configure it to copy all your important data from your computer to a remote server. Our software takes advantage of new cloud based technologies that allow most files to be copied even if they are in use.


Before your data is sent to our server the following security measures take place….
Your data is compressed (zipped).
Your data is then locked & encrypted. Not even we can access your data stored on our backup server without the password you choose.


Once your data is encrypted it is transferred to our remote server via SSL. This is a secure file transfer protocol with the same level of encryption used by banks and e-commerce websites.


In addition to the above security measures, our servers are located behind a managed firewall. By the time your data is stored on our servers it will be safer than it is on your own computer.


Your backups are continually monitored and in the event we do not receive a scheduled backup, you will be notified.


You have access to your backed up data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In the event you need to restore your data, we can easily download and restore individual files or groups of files


Multiple copies of your data are maintained at secure locations separated by physical distance to maintain redundancy.

Seamless Connectivity

From any device, in any location, on any connection. Your teams remain connected to your business and vital services.

Low-Cost Deployment

The days of legacy VPN’s are numbered. The cloud enables fast deployment without costly configuration or installation. Pop-up sites are now a matter of click, ship, and deploy.

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If you find Managed Services are not for your practice, MedStar are still able to meet your IT requirements. The following products and services can be called on as and when you need them:

  • Customised remote support
  • Help installing Servers, Networks or any other IT Technology
  • Project Management
  • Hardware and Software
  • Professional Services
  • System Management
  • IT project management
  • IT Strategy

One is reality. Two is sanity.

What’s better than one fibre cable? Two completely independent fibre cables, a copper cable, and mobile connection. One redundant connection or more, you choose.

Fixed Wireless

Thanks to New Zealand’s extensive mobile network infrastructure, we enjoy some of the best mobile data speeds in the world, enabling continued accessibility to your critical business services.

Automatic Fail-Over

Automatic detection of your primary connection failing ensures a seamless automatic fail-over to a secondary connection, so your voice lines and hosted services keep running.

Cost Savings

With no physical line, Digital Voice can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of a traditional line, with no loss of functionality or quality.


Whether you need 1 or 10, voice over the cloud means you’re not limited by legacy infrastructure. In most cases, adding or removing a line requires no site-visit and can be completed in days, not weeks.

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Your staff work differently. Whether it’s phones on desks or a Softphone on their devices, you have the freedom to mix and match to suit.


Adding, removing, and changing users’ extensions is as easy as copy+paste. Self-deployment gets a new user up and running in minutes, with support available if you need it.

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